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Kalliope’s Organic Shampoo Bar (Lavender)


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A solid shampoo bar is a great -and more importantly!- sustainable alternative to liquid shampoo. Its solid form resembles that of a bar soap and drastically reduces plastic waste. Needless to say, it’s top for travelling, but also for keeping your bathroom neat, visually appealling and clear of distractions.

This shampoo bar smells beautifully of organic lavender essential oil and lathers up in a thick, steady, lace-like foam due to our chosen baby-gentle naturally-derived cleansing agents. All the while, we’ve included some soft clay for its purifying properties but also for its creamy feel. And let’s not forget our own produce, naturally farmed, supreme quality virgin Greek olive oil, infused with homegrown laurel, sage and calendula to make for an overall more moisturising effect, with herbal hair fortifying kicks.
Extra benefit: Use this shampoo bar as a body wash too! Its velvety foam and slightly scrubby surface will amaze you.

Ideal for normal and dry hair


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