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Grizo & Prasino Glow Me


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Herbal Facial Steam
Glow me was made to offer you another botanical experience. And what an experience… Herbal Spa at home! Enjoy the refreshing feeling of the steam on your face. Pores relax, allowing your skin to benefit from the beneficial properties of this handcrafted botanical blend. It’s the perfect way to prepare your skin for deep cleansing, a mask or other treatments.
But perhaps most importantly, this beautiful blend of herbs will act as a reminder. The steam and aroma of the herbs invite you to breathe deeply, concentrate on your breathing and drop the rhythms.
If the word steam bath is for you intertwined with skin care, it’s time to reconsider. Glow me is much more. It’s a relaxing experience, it’s time to think or empty your mind, it’s aromatherapy and ultimately an intention to take care of you.
We have chosen the herbs contained in this little jar – treasure, taking into account their colors, aromas and their ability to take care (each in a separate way) of your skin. Chamomile, calendula, rose petals, mint, wormwood, marjoram and lavender.
Unlike anything else you’ve tried, Glow me is right where facial treatment meets meditation. Relax and enjoy the sensation. The natural glow you will see on your face afterwards will not only be due to the herbs…

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