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Grizo & Prasino Stay Salty – Herb Salt


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Sea salt with orange, thyme and rosemary.

How often do you look for that something extra that will give another note or increase the tensions or radically change your food? We think we found you. And it goes with everything.

Our botanical salt, we promise you, changes the “game”. When you use it you’ll feel like a bit of a chef – a bit too nice guy. When you taste the difference, you’ll feel very lucky to have discovered it. We speak from experience 🙂

We mixed sea salt with rosemary and thyme. We added orange zest and made it divine. You can add it to your food before, during and after cooking. Excitement…

It’s the simplest way to spice things up and the simplest dish (See below for ideas). And because it tastes like “Greek summer”, this exact botanical salt is the ingredient that will remind you of being at the sea all year round.

Nice to cook and remember the feeling of salt on your body and hair? Huh?

Stay salty…