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Grizo & Prasino Melissoxorto


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Great lemon flavor that will cheer you up anyway!

For all herbs we are asked: What good does this do? We usually hesitate because the answer is complicated. However, we do not hesitate about honeysuckle. If you have anxiety, try it.

Of course, you have also read that the bee herb (they also call it that in some regions of Greece) is for tachycardia, depression, Alzheimer’s, the thyroid, etc.

We believe that if you suffer from the above you should consult a doctor. We don’t want to enumerate properties. But we urge you to include the honeysuckle drink in your diet. It has a wonderful lemony taste that will cheer you up anyway!

100% vegan – 100% caffeine free

Contains: whole leaves of Honeysuckle

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