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Grizo&Prasino Feel Good


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New handmade organic botanical blend containing:
Whole flowers of Mountain Tea and pieces of Quince.

Everything in its time – and not just because the saying goes!

Here at Grizo & Prasino we strongly believe in seasonality. And we try to bring it to all our products. We want to be able to enjoy everything in its season. Because nature knows, and we trust it.

That’s why we made this new autumnal herbal blend that combines mountain tea with quince and offers the ultimate boost to your immune system, right when you need it.

The familiar sweet taste of Siderite prevails, which the quince enhances and gives it an extra unexpected fruity character!

And we left the best for last. Have you ever seen purple inflorescences in mountain tea? Well, you’ll see!

100% vegan – 100% caffeine free