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Dried White Gypsophila



Bring elegance and sophistication to your space with our Dried White Gypsophila! With its delicate white petals, this flower is the perfect accent to any home. Add a touch of beauty and a breath of fresh air to any area with this stunning dried flower!

Gypsophila Is Also Called Baby’s Breath

The flowers were frequently given to new or expecting mothers as gifts because of their relationship with children’s purity, innocence, and lack of corruption. The name Baby’s Breath was derived from the fact that this flower is widely used as a special baby shower gift.



By buying this bundle you hereby by acknowledge that:

— color, size, length, and shape of each piece in your bundle may vary.
— do not water your dried bouquet or place it in water once it arrives.
— the color may vary between each of the plumes in your order. there is no way to get each color to be exactly the same from one another

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