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B.Fresh Stop And Smell The Roses, Deodorant With Hyaluronic Acid


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Stop and smell the… roses! deodorant enhanced with hyaluronic acid we know you’re a busy lil’ bee with a lot of things to see + people to do but sometimes you gotta just stop and smell the roses… let us bring those roses to you with the help of this rose-scented deodorant that will keep you fresh during your busy day. you’re already a rose in a garden full of thorns (own it, babe), now you’ll smell the part all day every day while we nourish your skin with the added goodness of hyaluronic acid to smooth, hydrate + nourish. it’s all rose and no thorns here with no added nasties going near those glorious-smelling pits of yours. paraben free. aluminium free. alcohol free. natural fragrance. cruelty free.

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