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Grizo&Prasino AgKalli


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New handmade organic herbal mixture containing:
Whole mountain tea flowers, whole calendula flowers, rose petals and whole chamomile flowers.

Sometimes collaborations light your way and you become so happy that you want not to forget the feeling.

This happened to Kallina and AgKalli was born to remind us that once upon a time we both felt an unbeaten duo. The most colorful of our mixtures with the taste of “female friendship” and flowers in bloom.

We think that by chance the combination of our names (Angeliki-Kallina), gave us a mixture that can be a message. Give this drink to someone you would like to hug, who you miss ..

For us, however, it will always be a reminder that the power of trust and fun can work wonders. In our case herbs!

100% vegan – 100% caffeine free